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“COME FLY WITH ME, LET’S FLY, LET’S FLY AWAY”, sang Frank Sinatra, topping the charts in 1958, but it was not until 1965 when Franky Sinatra flew to Europe with his private learjet, to become the first man to fly across the Atlantic in a private jet. He usually used his airplane to fly from LA to Las Vegas, NY, London, France, Italy and Spain with his friends, acquaintances, and lovers.

Franky was certainly a big, ring-a-ding-ding businessman by 1964 when he signed the deal to purchase the new and innovative Learjet 23 “N175FS”. Chairman of his own record label, director of his own film company and a major player in real estate, he was flying very high indeed.

He wooed Mia Farrow with his Learjet in 1965 and they flew on their honeymoon to Europe visiting the south of France and Spain. During that flight, Franky catered his wife with his own personal recipe of BBQ baby back ribs. He used to serve his friends during those flights’ hotdogs, hamburgers and other “gourmet street food” that he very much loved to eat and that we have meticulously gathered to offer you…here at Frankie’s.

Enjoy the ride !!!!